• We are a Evangelical Church in as much as we embrace, as biblical, that system of theology known as the Doctrines of Grace.
  • We believe in particular the doctrines of total depravity,unconditional election,definite atonement,effectual calling and the preservation of the saints.
  • We uphold the sovereignty of God in the salvation of men,and  which so gloriously affirm the great central reality that salvation is all of grace and of the Lord.
  • We are Covenant in that we believe the scriptures teach us the God the Father covenanted with God the Son before time began,to save a people from the lost human race, to the glory of His marvelous grace.God the Holy Spirit infallibly brings this purpose of God to pass, in time
  • We uphold 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith as a summary of the essential truths the Scriptures teach
  • We are a Baptist Church confessing that baptism is for believers only and that it is properly and biblical administered by immersion

Service Time

We come together on the Lord’s Day to worship and exalt our God, for mutual edification, encouragement, teaching and fellowship of the saints. During the time of corporate worship, we sing hymns glorifying God as our Creator, Judge and Redeemer with gratitude. There are regular readings from the Word of God and corporate prayers offered before the throne of grace.


Sunday Morning Service 

Sunday Morning Service begins at 10am with prayer, reading from God’s Word and singing of hymns. The Ordinance of the Lord’s Supper is undertaken every first and third Sunday’s of the month. Baptised members of the church body receive the communion of the Lord after hearing a message on the Lord’s table. It is followed by an expositional preaching from the Word of God by our lead Pastor. Service ends by noon with a prayer.

During the third and fourth Sunday’s of the month there are regular prayers, reading of God’s Word, hymns, corporate prayers and preaching service.

Sunday Evening Service

Sunday Evening Service begins at 6pm. We begin our worship by signing hymns of praise, Bible reading and prayers. These are followed by an expositional preaching from God’s Word. Service ends at 7.30pm..

Phone Number

099941 81010

Church Location

57/2, T.P.K. Main Road, Pykara,
Madurai,Tamil Nadu 625004

Pastor’s e-mail

ebc[email protected]