Literature Work

Our Sovereign Lord has blessed our church with talents to do literature work for His glory. There are no good doctrinal books in our vernacular language, Tamil. In the Christian book stores, we have very few English books but they are very expensive and many of our pastors can’t afford them. So we started translating a few commentaries and published them.

The books we have translated and published are as follows:

  1. J.C.Ryle’s Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew
  2. J. C. Ryle’s Commentary on the Gospel of John (1-7 chapters; rest have to be printed and published).
  3. J. C. Ryle’s booklet on ‘A CALL TO PRAYER’.
  4. Sam Waldron’s book titled ‘TO BE CONTINUED’.
  5. Henry Mehan’s Commentary on the gospel of John.
  6. C. H. Spurgeon’s Chatechism.
  7. The existence of God’ by Pastor Amresh.
  8. Pastoral Oversight’ by Pastor Amresh.
  9. Five Points of Calvinism’.
  10. Republished the book ‘Sovereignity of God’ by A. W. Pink.
  11. Republished the book ‘Abounding Grace’ by Abraham Booth.
  12. Bond Slave’ by Martin Luther.
  13. Published a few tracts.